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Partners and Sponsors

As the World Pool Series continues our goal of elevating professional pool to a world class level, we have partnered with the biggest and best names in the pool world and beyond. We encourage you to support the good folks who support great pool. A massive thank you goes out to all our sponsors and partners. We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

Belgian Aramith Billiard balls enjoy a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality. Used by almost 80% of players worldwide, they are recognized as the reference of the industry. Made by Saluc in Belgium,  Aramith is the signature of true Belgian Quality.
Visit the Saluc website.

Launched in 2014, UNILAD is one of the biggest global platforms for breaking news, shareable and relatable content. Unilad has a Facebook following of over 18 million fans, 32 million monthly unique visitors to the website and over 3 billion video views a month. UNILAD is the main broadcast partner of the World Pool Series.
Visit the Unilad website.

Since 1978, Billiards Digest has been the pool world’s best source for news, top-flight instructional content, tournament coverage and player profiles.
Visit the Billiards Digest Website.

From nerve racking exams, to reaching your dream final; in combination with a healthy lifestyle and proper training, Cheqio is the perfect partner on your journey to success.
Visit the Cheqio website.

For over 10 years, HighRock has been boldly innovating, promoting and presenting quality 3-cushion billiard events, products and technology to the market. We are dedicated to improving the quality of the 3-cushion game in the US and abroad. HighRock is producing all World Pool Series events in HD for worldwide streaming.
Visit the HighRock Store.

Kamui Tips is a Japanese manufacturer of cue tips for billiards and pool. Kamui tips are produced by founder Masato Hiraoka in his workshop in Hiroshima, Japan.
Visit the Kamui website.

Molinari Cues is one of the most popular brands in the international billiards industry. With Molinari you get:
• quality cues with the world’s best technology engineered by Predator
• innovative designs
• high quality service
Visit the Molinari website.

Cuescore is the web’s leading tournament and brackets software company offering live scores, statistics and updates in real time.  Our software has been developed to make the job of tournament managers easier by making tournaments available online for players and fans, as well as generating valuable statistics for every player.
Visit the Cuescore website.

The place to get pampered when you’re in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Stop by Nikki’s for world class nail, hair, facial and spa treatment.
Visit the Nikki Hair Salon website.

Welcome to the world of Predator Cues, home to international billiards champions, league leaders and enthusiasts, all of whom trust their games to Predator.
Visit the Predator website.

Rasson, based in China, is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pool tables in the world. Each and every Rasson table is built with the finest hand selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and comes equipped with the Rasson designed and patented leveling system.
Visit the Rasson website.

The RYO Rack is the only racking system of its kind. Made of lightweight and strong aluminum. Its aerospace technology design will give you the edge you need. The RYO Rack is the official rack of the World Pool Series.
Visit the RYO Rack website.

Manufacturing superior quality cloths since 1680, Simonis has been and remains the reference standard for quality billiard cloth. Simonis cloth is regarded as the best product of its kind because it makes every table play as good as it can play.
Visit the Simonis website.

Ultimate Team Gear is your leader in sublimated sports jerseys and apparel. Our material is made with a fine filament knit that achieves a soft silky texture for the most comfortable feel and superior performance, taking it beyond basic to downright essential.
Visit the UTG website.

Tiger has been dedicated to producing the highest quality billiard products and offering world class customer service since 1988. Proudly “Made in the USA,”  Tiger Products  are renowned for innovation and technology . From billiard cues, to shafts, tips, accessories, and to apparel, each and every Tiger product is held to the highest of manufacturing standards.

Visit the Tiger website.