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Aramith Pro Cup TV Balls, Measle Cueball, Rasson Table, 4″ Pocket Size at the corners, 4.5″ on the sides

  • Race to 9, alternate break
  • If match goes to hill/hill(8-8) – the match goes to a Rasson Shootout, win by 1

Last 32, 16 Quarterfinals & Semi-Finals Matches Become Single Elimination:

  • Race to 11, Winner Breaks
  • If match goes to hill/hill(10-10) – the match goes to a Rasson Shootout, win by 1


  • Race to 13 Winner Breaks
  • If match goes to hill/hill(12-12) – the match goes to a Rasson Shootout, win by 1
CHALLENGE EVENT (Single Elimination):

Round 1,2,3: 

  • Race to 8, alternate break

Last 8 and Semi-finals

  • Race to 9, alternate break


  • Race to 11, alternate break

*All matches that are tied with one rack remaining will go to a Rasson Shootout, win by 1

Rules and Regulations

WPS reserves the right to refuse entry of any player.

  • Sneakers, jeans, hats and headphones/earbuds are not allowed
  • Players must wear dress slacks, dress shoes, collared shirt or polo tops (Ultimate Team Gear tops are acceptable)
    Collared/polo tops are not required for ladies, but shoulders and torso must be covered
    Dress shoes or dark one-color athletic shoes (no white soles, etc.)
  • 1st violation of dress code will result in warning
    2nd violation will result in a 1 game loss in the first set or race
    3rd violation will result in disqualification
    Dress code violations carry from event to event
  • Players should arrive 30 minutes before scheduled matches
  • If a player is not present at table after the match is called, 1 rack will be deducted per 5 minutes late
  • After 30 minutes, the tardy player will be deducted 2 racks per 5 minutes late until time expires or match ends by racks
  • All players must act in a professional manner at all times while at the event
  • No dumping of matches will be allowed
    If caught dumping, you will be banned from the WPS and reported to the WPA
  • All players must make themselves available for interviews on the live stream and in the green room
  • No Facebook live allowed on the streaming table but for all other matches you are encouraged to do so


  • Balls must be racked in pattern shown
  • Lag for break (when playing sets, winner of lag breaks set 1 & 3), lag for shootout
  • Alternate break
  • Rack your own with RYO Rack – opponent not allowed to check the rack
  • 1/2 ball leeway on racking to get a tight rack and leeway must be above the spot.
  • Break from within the break box lined on the table (box line is approximately 6 inches from side rails and runs from the head string to the head rail on both sides of the table)
  • Must contact head ball first (the one ball) and 4 balls must hit a rail or you must pocket a ball
  • If an illegal break occurs, the incoming player has the choice of:
    • Playing the table as it lies
    • Taking ball in hand in the kitchen and playing the table as it lies
    • Re-racking and breaking
    • Force the original player to break again
      2 illegal breaks in a row will constitute a loss of game
  • Scratch on the break, cue ball must be placed behind the head string and shot down table
    First ball contacted must be outside of the kitchen
  • Take what you make on the break
    If you make one of each suit, you have a choice but the higher suit count determines your suit for play
  • If you scratch on the break it is an open table, no matter how many balls were pocketed
  • Playing stripes onto solids and vice versa is never allowed
  • You cannot win or lose on the break with the exception of 2 illegal breaks in a row
  • If a player pockets the 8 ball on the break, they can either play the table as it lies or choose to re-break
    If there is a foul or scratch on the break, the incoming player has the same choice
  • If a referee is racking, the player is allowed to check the rack and ask for one rerack but cannot touch the rack and must break after one rerack
  • Jump Shots
    • A jump shot with a jump cue can only be played when you come to the table after your opponent shoots
    • You are only allowed 3 jump shots with a jump cue per match per player and if playing sets only 1 per set
      (one extra jump shot will be allowed in the main even finals to accommodate the 1 per set standard)
    • Unlimited jump shots with playing cue at any time
  • Three foul rule in effect, all fouls result in ball in hand anywhere on the table except a foul on the break
  • Slow play will result in a 30 second shot clock per shot
  • Timeouts
    • Two 3-minute timeouts per player per match are allowed and should be taken in-between sets if playing sets
    • If timeouts are used, player may ask for an additional timeout in the event of an emergency
    • There will be a 20-minute intermission after 2 Sets in the Finals of the Main Event
  • It is a call ball and call pocket game
    All obvious shots do not have to be called but kicks, caroms, banks and combos should be called
    It is up to the non-shooting player to ask what is being played if the shot is unclear or the shot will be considered obvious and stand. Only the ball and pocket have to be called not how the shot is actually executed
    i.e. If you shot your object ball into the opponent’s ball which is blocking a pocket and both go in, that is a good shot
  • On any illegally pocketed ball – ball in wrong pocket, accidentally pocketing a ball but not making the called shot etc. the incoming player can choose to make the offending player shoot again
  • All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final
  • When playing races, the shootout will come if the race is hill/hill and this shootout must be won by 1 shot
  • When playing sets in a best of 3 match, the shootout will come in the 3rd set if the set reaches hill/hill
  • In the finals of both events the shootout will be played if the sets are tied at the end of regulation play (2-2 or 1-1)
  • In rounds 1, 2 & 3 of the main event the shootout must be won by 1 shot
  • In the last 16, Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, Finals of the main event and Finals of the challenge the shootout must be won 2 shots
  • There are 5 different shots which will be marked on the table with the 8 ball always on the foot spot:
    • Shot 1:  Cue ball in hand in the kitchen choice of foot pocket
    • Shot 2:  Cue ball on head spot shot into the right foot pocket
    • Shot 3:  Cue ball placed in line with the first diamond on the head rail and first diamond on the side rail on the right side of the table and shot into left foot pocket
    • Shot 4:  Cue ball placed in line with the first diamond on the head rail and first diamond on the side rail on the left side of the table and shot into right foot pocket
    • Shot 5:  Cue ball placed in the center of the kitchen shot into left foot pocket
    • Sudden death:  Cue ball in the center of kitchen choice of foot pocket

Image credit: Chalkysticks

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